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Combo: García Caves
+ La huasteca Mountains

Live a unique experience in the two most sought after destinations in Monterrey.

We will pick you up at the hotel lobby or at your accommodation in the city of Monterrey and we will move as a first point, to the municipality of García.

We will make a hiking excursion of approximately 1.5 km. walking on the ascending path until you reach the entrance of the caves, which are located at the top of a mountain, in the Sierra de El Fraile.

Inside we will discover beautiful natural formations, with impressive stalactites and stalagmites. Coming down from the mountain, we continue the walk in the historic center of the town of Garcia, N.L., passing through its main square and the church of San Juan Bautista.

At the next stop we will visit the "Panadería Sanmiguel", an artisanal bakery that is more than 112 years old, where we will buy delicious freshly baked bread.

From there we will move to the city of Santa Catarina. We enter the interior of the Sierra Madre Oriental, to observe the mountains of white stone.

We will travel 15 km until we reach the "rompepicos" dam, a structure that protects the city of Monterrey from disasters caused by rainwater that comes from the mountains during hurricane season.

Currently the cable car is in maintenance so there is only access by the PATH, where a 1.5 km walk is made on a path with an upward slope to reach the entrance of the cave.

It is necessary that the visitor has optimal physical condition to be able to carry out this activity.



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