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Turismo sostenible en Nuevo León
Sello de Turismo Sostenible.png

29 de Noviembre de 2023
MONTERREY TOUR recibió el Sello de Turismo Sostenible en su distinción ORO, por parte de la Secretaria de Turismo del estado de Nuevo León.

Sello de turismo sostenible en Nuevo León
Entrega del sello de turtismo sostenible
Placa Turismo Sostenible.png
Posada 2023 de Monterrey tour

MONTERREY TOURseeks to minimize the negative environmental, social and economic impacts that may be produced by the operation of our tourist tours, without leaving aside the quality of the product offered.

we respectall applicable laws and regulations, to meet the agency's sustainability goals.

Our suppliers should preferablyto shareour vision of sustainability.

we participatein development events of the communities in which we operate, seeking the respect and inclusion of the population where we carry out the tours.

we promotethe consumption of local products and services.

we communicateand we raise awareness with our clients about the importance of environmental conservation, agency values, local culture, and the inclusion of communities within the tourist route.

we participatein campaigns and activities for the protection, conservation or restoration of the environment.

we reducethe impact of solid waste on the environment,  by including a waste control plan in our operation and encouraging the reduction of "single-use plastics".

We minimizethe disturbances of the ecosystem in the paths, respecting nature.

We workin order to preserve and publicize the culture and natural wealth of the region.



Medición de la huella de carbono
de Enero a Diciembre 2023.

Medición de huella de carbono de Monterrey tour
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